Cats vs Dogs: A Classic Debate

Karen Guo

Cats or dogs? Have you ever wondered why you prefer one over the other? Why do you love dogs more than cats, or vice versa? Researchers believe that whether you are a dog-lover or cat-lover is based on your personality. They believe that cat people are more introverted than dog people. 

For many cats, they take quite a while to get used to you – to fully love you. Most cats usually take two weeks to adjust and trust their owners and surroundings. Yet, some cats take longer, like three to seven weeks to fully adapt to their environments and trust their owners. While, for dogs, they take about three weeks to earn trust and adapt to their new ‘home’. In short, cats do not give you the instant love that dogs do. They are, by nature, cautious.

According to a study reported by Psychology Today, “Dr. Sam Gosling [a psychologist at the University of Texas] found that dog people were generally about 15 percent more extroverted than cat people.” While another study involving college students shows that “cat-lovers are more introverted, open-minded, and sensitive than dog lovers” (Rettner, 2014). 

Based on these studies, researchers conclude that cat owners are more likely to live alone than dog owners. They are quiet, reserved, and prefer less crowded places. That makes sense because cats, themselves, are more independent, keep to themselves more, and are more cautious of others than dogs. On the other hand, dogs are more social creatures than cats. They are full of energy and require more attention than cats. People who enjoy being around social events and are outgoing will appreciate having a dog around in their house to keep them company.

This trend was apparent when Leigh students were surveyed as well. A considerable population of students who said they like cats either rated a “3”, “4”, or “5” for the question “How quiet are you?”, 5 being the quietest. While the students who responded that they prefer dogs mostly rated a “2” for that question. In addition, when asked “How often do you talk to people you don’t know?”, most students who like cats pick either a “2” or “1”. On the contrary, when that same question was asked to those who selected dogs, many of them rated themselves as a “4” or “5” regarding the likelihood of them talking to strangers, with “5” being “very often”.

To conclude, people who prefer a quieter lifestyle and are more introverted prefer cats. Those who enjoy a life full of parties and social interactions tend to prefer dogs. Ultimately, cat lovers and dog lovers have developed their preference based on their lifestyles and personality traits.

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