Alumni Athlete: Degan Fisher

When did you first join the track & field team? Was there a particular reason or experience that inspired you to try out the sport?

I joined track and field my freshman year (in 2016) and at the time I knew I wanted to play a sport, but didn’t know which sport. I ended up going to the Track and Field meeting during lunch and signing up to play the sport that following spring. Ultimately, I would say I was inspired by my brother who was a junior at the time who also signed up for the sport. 

Which track & field events did you compete in?

I competed in primarily the 100 and 200 m and occasionally 4 x 1. 

What do you consider to be your greatest athletic accomplishment?

For track and field it’s very much a mental sport and my greatest athletic accomplishment was probably setting a pr (personal record) in the 200m at a Willowglen meet Sophomore year. It wasn’t even a substantial p.r, but it was significant to me because I had worked up to it throughout the year. Numerous hours working on technique and building up stamina through sometimes brutal exercises.  

When reflecting on your time with Leigh athletics, are there any memories that stand out to you?

Definitely, I have so many memories of team dinners and meeting some of my best friends at Track and Field. There are so many times where we would cheer each other on and hype each other up. I still talk to many of the friends that I made while on the Track and Field team. I also have a ton of memories of bonding with the team over this extremely intense exercise every Tuesday. On Tuesdays we had this endurance building practice where you run 400m, 300m, 200m, then 100m then run it again starting at 100m and ending at 400m. These days tested your endurance and commitment to not only the sport, but also the team. 

Have you continued to pursue track after leaving Leigh? If so, how did your time at Leigh prepare you for this?

It hasn’t really been possible with Covid-19, but once contact sports are fully back I definitely want to participate in some form of intramural sport. I do miss being a part of a team and hope to be on one again soon. My time at Leigh has definitely prepared me for reaching this goal because it is a really great community that you can learn a lot from. For Track specifically, it teaches you to never give up and continue pursuing your goals despite the challenges you are faced with. 

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