Alumni Athlete: Kelly Kim

When did you first join the golf team? Was there a particular reason or experience that inspired you to try out the sport?

I first joined golf my freshman year in the spring with the boys. I joined the golf team because I had always been interested in the sport because it was something my whole family could do together. 

What do you consider to be your greatest athletic accomplishment?

I don’t know if this counts as an athletic accomplishment but me and my friends we were able to start Leigh’s girls golf team. 

When reflecting on your time with Leigh athletics, are there any memories that stand out to you?

Golf, unlike other sports is one that you can’t just practice at school. Instead you have to go to actual courses to practice and go rounding. Because we’re always going to different places, we always see pretty views or are even able to play in courses where they did the PGA tournaments. 

Have you continued to pursue golf after leaving Leigh? If so, how did your time at Leigh prepare you for this?

I have not but sometimes my family go out to play short games or just practice. 

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