Connecting With The Classics

Lynn Chen, a Senior and president of Leigh’s Connecting With The Classics club, gives a little insight into the club’s purpose and intentions

When did you start the club, and what were your goals?

I started Connecting With the Classics with Maggie Malin and Julianne Park when we were juniors, so last year. We really enjoyed the discussions we had in Ms. Leah-Martin’s English 2H class, especially with all of the minutiae we analyzed and the tangents we went on. The club started as a way to have those sorts of discussions while removing academic pressure and creating a more casual environment overall. I’m pleased to say that framing literary analysis outside of grades has had the exact impact we were aiming for. Since people know their points don’t need to be fully developed with several pieces of specific evidence, the ideas they bring up are very creative; there have been several meetings where we spent nearly the entire time throwing around different angles on and interpretations of a single moment.

What books have you read this year?

This year, we read The Three Musketeers, The Bluest Eye, Things Fall Apart, and we are currently reading Americanah. 

What are some of you favorite memories or moments from the club?

My favorite moments from the club are definitely the ones when its nature as a laid back extracurricular really comes through. Sometimes, a comparison of a character to some slang term or meme is a perfect mix of accurate and succinct analysis. It comes with the added benefit of being funny, and I always love a good anachronism!

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