Seniors’ Favorite Teachers And Classes

Dhruthi Mahesh

This year is special for the class of 2021 Seniors in many different ways. It is the first full year of distance learning or hybrid learning, and also the last year that they will be on campus before college. We asked Seniors in a survey to reflect back on the courses they’ve taken at Leigh High School, and choose their favorite classes which are displayed in the graph below.

AP Biology was voted as the favorite class, followed by AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, and US History, and AP Language and Composition. 

AP English Language and Composition is considered an introductory course to the composition of the English Language at a college level. Students explore topics like claim, evidence, and reasoning pieces, rhetorical circumstances, and learn more about organization and style of writing. In an interview, Maggie Malin, a Senior who previously took the class, states that, “My favorite part about AP Lang was the way it was so structured for discussions. I really became close with my small table group, especially first semester, and we learned how to navigate the class together and help each other be the best readers and writers we could be. I also loved scoring old AP exam essays!” She also advised incoming sophomores coming from English 2 honors to not worry about the difficulty of the class, and to produce quality work over quantity. Ms. Ullrey, an AP Lang teacher, mentioned that her favorite part of the class was having good discussions with students, and she also mentioned that this class focuses on preparing students for the AP exam, as well as future college classes through rhetorical analysis, synthesis writing, and argumentative writing. 

AP Calculus AB is considered an introductory-level course to college Calculus, and is equivalent to a semester of Calculus in college. Students engage with real world calculus problems throughout the course, and learn limits, derivatives, and defining integrals. A student who is taking the class stated that she initially chose to take the class to challenge herself, and she enjoys that the teacher was always open to questions. She advises anyone who is planning on taking the class to do their homework and study. Mrs. Kennedy, an AP Calculus AB teacher, states that, “My favorite part of teaching this class is applying what they’ve learned…also, the sense of community they build in the classroom.” She also states that her, “favorite memory from these classes is eating popcorn while working on practice FRQs or taking a group quiz.”

AP Chemistry and AP Biology are both considered rigorous courses with low passing rates. AP Biology focuses on evolution, information storage and transfer, and system interactions. AP Chemistry focuses on atomic structure and properties, chemical reactions, and thermodynamics. In an interview, Ms. Diordieva, an AP Chemistry teacher states that her favorite moments were, “the moments when students are sharing that they become interested in Chemistry.” She also mentioned that although this year was a little different, the analysis and the concept development should still help students with any future college Chemistry classes. 

In conclusion, the interesting material, the challenge, and the discussions, all made these subjects the Seniors’ favorite classes they’ve taken during their time at Leigh High School. 

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