The Future Of Robotics: Boston Dynamics And The Robotics Industry

Robotics is all about innovation and creativity. Whether it be fun like a toy car, or revolutionary  like an automated arm, robots change our lives, but what does thirty years of innovation and advancements look like?

Boston Dynamics, founded by Marc Raibert, is an organization that has been making robots for the past thirty years. Their first big Robot was called BigDog, a donkey like cargo transport, which helped military soldiers by carrying their cargo for them. Although the Military didn’t make a purchase for BigDog due to its loud noises, the robot was a huge success and a big step forward for the company.

Two of the more famous robots by Boston Dynamics are Atlas and Spot. Spot is a robot that mimics the movements of a dog and can jump and walk up stairs. Atlas is a six foot humanoid robot that can walk, jump, go up stairs, and lift and move objects around with its hands. Spot is currently on the market for Companies and organizations to use, while Atlas is still being tinkered on to be as revolutionary as possible.

Other companies have created innovations in the Robotics industry as well. Trossen Robotics have been making robotic arms for many years now, which use code to move around. They have been selling these arms for the public to use and play around with.

Another robot that has changed robotics may be in your house right now. The Roomba, produced by iRobot, has been used in households for many years. They use light sensors to see and wheels to move around. Using the AI in the robot, it can identify the coordinates, pinpoint obstructions to move around, and find its docking spot to charge. 

For the past 30 years, the Robotics industry has been improving their last models and creating new advancements, but what is the future going to be like? On March 29th, 2021, Boston Dynamics unveiled Stretch, a robot built for warehouse automation. It has a single arm that can carry boxes around, and with its wheel transportation it can go anywhere in the warehouse. It will keep warehouses safe, and help workers move heavy objects. The current timeframe for the robot to be released to Companies is summer 2022.

Robots are the future right now. With so many new innovations and creations, it’s amazing how far we have come. thirty years ago, people could only dream of these robots becoming a reality, and now you can see them in action! The coming years look very promising for robots and will change our lives for the better.

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