Building Remodeling At Leigh

Li Yen Ho

Leigh has been in some state of remodeling for over ten years already and doesn’t seem like it will be finishing anytime soon. For example, the cafeteria, the PAC, the football field, the track, air conditioning, and boy baseball dugouts projects have all been recently completed a few years ago, bringing in needed change to the school.

With the newest bond, the school has worked to complete the new two-story buildings and the main office, both much appreciated additions to the school. Once construction is finished, the main office and the student service building will be connected, simplifying the process of finding the principal, the counselors, and any other member of the administrative team. The main office will be paired with a corresponding main entrance, set to be completed by the end of the school year.

Those are just the most noticeable changes. Applicable to those participating in school sports, the girl’s softball dugouts and the pool have also been redone. The pool is now up to regulation size for water polo across the district as well as bringing swimming and diving practice back onto Leigh’s campus.

Less noticeable, but extremely important, is the reinforcement of classrooms for seismic activity. Considering the frequency of earthquakes in California, seismic activity will always be a safety concern. Leigh’s blacktop will also be redone. The back portables also changed during the recent renovation.

With future bonds, Leigh could be repainted with school colors, adding a nice aesthetic to the look of the school with clean and vibrant colors. The green trim on Leigh’s buildings has been a sleek addition to the returning student body.

Leigh’s campus has certainly changed over the years, adding air conditioning for comfort, seismic reinforcements for safety, and the Performing Arts Building for expansion. With the new office as well as possible future projects in the future on the horizon, this high school could be almost unrecognizable in a decade. As the world evolves and changes, so will our school, always striving accommodating and friendly.

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