Meet The Staff

Natalie Bachman (Editor In Chief)

Natalie first joined The Eleight as a freshman, and served as a staff writer. Outside of journalism, Natalie is on a swim team, and plays clarinet in both Wind Ensemble and Marching Band.

Skylar Long (Editor In Chief)

Skylar joined The Eleight two years ago and is currently a senior. She has participated in Marching Band and is looking forward to being done with college applications.

Karen Guo (Co-Editor)

Karen Guo is a junior and a Co-editor for The Eleight. She served as a staff writer last year when she first joined. Besides writing, Karen likes to listen to music, explore nature, and watch youtube during her free time.

Dhruthi Mahesh (Social Media Director)

Dhruthi is a sophomore and loves creative writing. She aims to use words to inspire others and create change.

Nikitha Srinivasan (Co-Editor)

Nikitha Srinivasan is a current sophomore who loves to travel, watch Netflix, learn about what’s going on around her. Her hobbies are reading and writing, going on hikes, and baking with her friends. She is very excited to join the Eleight Newspaper because it plays out perfectly with her hobbies.

Maitreyi Bharath (Editing Commission)

My name is Maitreyi Bharath. I am a mathlete, musician, and hardcore bookworm. I have way too many favorite colors, favorite foods, and favorite books. I like to write stories and song lyrics in my free time, if I’m not already reading or listening to music. I’m looking forward to being part of the Eleight this year!

Anushri Venkatesh (Editing Commission)

I am a tenth grader at Leigh, and I really enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genre to read is realistic fiction or contemporary, and I love creative writing. My other hobbies include playing the piano and swimming.

Haley Lee (Social Media Commission)

Hi! I’m Haley, and currently a freshman at Leigh! I participated in last year’s 8th grade feature, and joined eleight this year as a result. Outside of eleight, I play the clarinet in band and play golf with my family/as a sport. In my free time, I enjoy doing all kinds of art (digital design, photography, vlogging, fashion, etc)!

Li Yen Ho

Hi everyone! I’m Li-Yen, a sophomore at Leigh! I love reading and watching too many documentaries! I’m in the Leigh Color Guard so you can always catch me spinning something in my free time!

Charlotte Pan (Editing Commission)

I am a junior at Leigh.

Sofia Marougi

Hello, my name is Sofia Marougi. I am a sophomore and enjoy art, reading, and watching my favorite TV shows. Along with Eleight, I am in the Leigh High School French club and love to learn new languages. I have been fond of writing since middle school and hope to continue this interest throughout my academic career. 

Anne Kearns

When I am not reading, I am either spending time with family, journaling, or hiking. My favorite author is Stephen King and one of my favorite books is The Stand. I am in 9th grade and my favorite subjects in school are English and History.

Noya Chirashnya

Noya, who is a sophomore, has always had a passion for writing and journalism and hopes that her passion continues well into her life.

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