My 3-Day Train Journey To Maryland

Maitreyi Bharath

Every winter, our family travels to Maryland to visit my uncle and his family. Usually, my other cousins from across the U.S. make this trip too, and we have a wonderful family reunion during Christmas and New Year’s Day. 

The best part is the flood of Christmas gifts I get. 

Just kidding. The best part is getting to spend time with my family. However, this year my Christmas time with them was somewhat limited compared to other trips.

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Corporations And Social Justice

Natalie Bachman

May 25, 2020: an innocent black man is murdered by the police force, rocking the nation, and sparking the Black Lives Matter Movement. As people lined the streets to fight against the injustice that still outlines our discriminatory society, corporations didn’t hesitate to make a statement. Suddenly, every shop in Downtown Los Gatos had a “Black Lives Matter” sign plastered in their window, and department stores began to air commercials about social justice. 

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The Power Of A Power Nap: How Sleep Boosts Creativity

Maitreyi Bharath

A few months ago, I came across an interesting article from LiveScience about Salvador Dalí’s sleep technique to boost creativity, a technique also used by Thomas Edison. These great minds drifted off to sleep in a chair, holding an object in their hands, like a glass ball. When they drifted off to unconsciousness, the object would drop, and they would wake up with a mind filled with creative juices. 

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Safety On Campus

Neve Apte

A school is meant to be a safe, comfortable environment for students to learn and prepare themselves for the bright future that lies ahead. However, many students believe that we have yet to completely achieve that here at Leigh. We want nothing more than for everyone to navigate high school as safe-Leigh as possible. So, what are the issues at play and how are we to deal with them?

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AI: Computers Vs Humans (But Not in the Way You Would Expect)

Li Yen Ho

Tesla’s self-driving cars and GPT-3’s natural language processing (NLP) have showcased the prowess of AI, bringing us that much closer to the dream (or nightmare) of computers helping the world (or running the world). Despite this, it’s important to remember the limits of this technology and therefore the precautions we must take to shield against a wide variety of dangers AI pose.

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AMEX: Forging Connections Between History And Literature

Karen Guo

When reading a book, just about everyone wonders why characters make decisions that lead them into problems. For example, why would a Jewish guy choose to remain in a country that was an ally of Germany during World War II? The decisions that each character in a novel makes are impacted by the period in which they lived. Are you intrigued in learning about the historical periods that inspired writers to create their books? The American Experience course is the ideal course for you.

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Which Study Method Is Best For You?

Sofia Marougi

Do you have trouble studying? Well, hopefully these methods will help you ace many future tests. A good number of high school students aren’t yet aware of which method of studying is best for them. 

Studying is an ideal way to grasp a better understanding of a subject. A majority of students study before tests or quizzes to increase their chances of getting a higher score. In this article, I will be explaining a few different study methods while sharing my data of each percentile that Leigh High school students prefer.

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JC Penny’s Downfall

Nikitha Srinivasan

J. C. Penny, also known as JCP, is an American department chain with over 689 locations throughout the 49 states and Puerto Rico. The company stands for James Cash Penny. JCP was the original owner and opened the first location of J.C Penny’s in 1902. J.C Penny will turn 119 years old this year. J.C Penny is a Limited Liability Corporation. It offers a wide variability of items. Some of their items include a huge variety of clothes, home furnishing, jewelry, cosmetics, and cookware. Their main competitors include Kohls’s, Target, Ross, Burlington Stores, and Walmart. The company’s main mission is to help customers find what he/she wants in less time, money, and energy. J.CPenny wants to bring the simplification of shopping. Giving the customer fewer options lets the people stress less with all the options. J. C. Penny is also a multi-plant firm and an oligopoly. Due to the pandemic, the company was forced to file bankruptcy.

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Banned Books Shield Students From The Most Important Lessons

Anushri Venkatesh

Every year, hundreds of more books make it onto the Banned Books List. In fact, just in 2020, more than two hundred and seventy books were added to the list; most of them for use of offensive language and sensitive topics. 

When a book is banned by a certain organization, it is prohibited in school reading lists, libraries, and bookstores in that area. Even though it is not illegal to read a banned book, access to the book in that certain area is very limited, which makes it almost impossible to read. 

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