FDA & It’s Role In Society

Nikitha Srinivasan

The FDA is also known as the Food and Drug Administration. It enforces regulations of food, medical devices, cosmetics, and drugs. The FDA’s mission is to help protect public health by ensuring the safety of the food supply, medical devices, and cosmetics. The FDA grants approval of food and drugs. You can notice restaurants have a sign on their window ensuring that it is FDA approved. The FDA also checks the laboratory/clinical results of medical devices and drugs to make sure it is safe enough for the public. Dr.Stephen Hahn was sworn in as the commissioner of the FDA and approved by the senate by 73-17.

The FDA has the potential power of destroying a business by deeming it’s food not safe. It can ruin upcoming medical or cosmetic products in which some companies could have spent millions in advertising these products. FDA has the authority to check the manufacturing and check that all regulations are being followed. The FDA attempts to protect minors from harmful substances like nicotine, alcohol, and cigarettes. Not only does it affect businesses, but it also affects our everyday life. FDA helps make sure that prescription drugs are safe to use and are effective. The FDA also makes sure the food labels are accurate nutritional value. They then warn you when food or drugs pose a risk to hurt you.

An example of a violation by a company that the FDA recognized and helped the public. The company, Candy Color Lenses, wanted to import misbranded contact lenses from Asia and sell them online to people without a prescription. Many customers critiqued the quality and claimed them to be “itchy”. Later the owner admitted that some of the lenses were contaminated with potential bacteria. The owner was later sentenced to 46 months in prison and forfeits 1.2 million dollars. His company was also shut down.

The FDA has negatively affected the company but positively affected the public. It helped the public avoid wearing contaminated contact lenses.

February 2022: Editors’ Note

We’re back again! As always, we’d like to thank all of our club officers, writiers, and contributors. We may be running the club on paper, but you guys are the ones that truly keep the publication alive. Your dedication, work ethic, and motivation are more than we could ever ask for, and it’s been an incredible privilege to work with you!

And to think we were excited to have a 7-person team last year… 

The Eleight is truly a team effort, and the publication has only grown as we learn to collaborate.

On a random note, we hope you have a relaxing week off (honestly, we all need it).

Until next time,

Skylar Long & Natalie Bachman


A Note From The Editors (December 2021)

Well, we’re at it again! 

After a rather hectic (and virtual) year, it’s somewhat reassuring to have stability again. Not to mention that our club size nearly doubled! Working with a larger team certainly brings its challenges, but has only contributed to the growth of The Eleight. 

We may not have a class, but we have an awesome team of commissioners and staff writers that have made this possible. Seriously, we couldn’t have done it without you! Your hard work and dedication is more than we could ever ask for. So thanks for not turning in articles at 11:59 the day before publication (not that you would anyways). 

Running what’s supposed to be a class is far from easy. But we both love what we do, and hope to represent the voice of the students here at Leigh High School

Many thanks, and here’s to a great year!

Skylar Long and Natalie Bachman

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